Student Accident Insurance

Student Accident Insurance
Posted on 08/30/2018
The School District of Palm Beach County has negotiated an alternative to assist parents with the medical expenses they may encounter if their child gets hurt at school (due to NO negligence on the part of the School District) in the form of accidental insurance coverage. The application for enrollment can be completed online at 

School Time Coverage is ONLY $7.00-Provides coverage for school-sponsored, school-scheduled, school-supervised, and exclusively school-funded activities during the regular nine-month school term. This plan excludes interscholastic high school sports. Additional terms, provisions, and exclusions apply. One payment of $7.00 provides coverage for the entire school term.

24 Hour Coverage is $38.00-Provides school time coverage as outlined above plus extends coverage while at home, weekends, vacations, spring break, holidays, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Additional terms, provisions, and exclusions apply. One payment $38.00 provides coverage for the school term and upcoming 2018 summer months. 

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